Government and Small Business
Testimony to the US House Small Business Committee:

The Washington Post: Experts Examine Small Firms’ Role in U.S. Economy
Bloomberg Business Week: How the President Can Help Small Business Now
WSJ Online: Impact of the Increasing Cost of Health Care for Small Business

Financing Your Small Business
Legal Insight: Owner Managed Firms in a Tight Economy – In Depth Interview:


WSJ Online: Finding Working Capital to Grow – Podcast
Boston Bizjournals: Creative Financing
Boston Bizjournals: Why It’s So Tough to Get VC Capital
US News: Getting Cash in Tough Times
US News: Starting a Business in a Tough Economy
WSJ Online: Be Prepared for the Unexpected
Fox Business: Rebuilding Your Small Business After a Disaster

Team Building and Leadership
Business Week: How to Find Good Employees
Inc. Magazine: Why Hiring Sales Personnel is Critical
WSJ Online: Adopting after a Merger – Can Entrepreneurs Survive In the Larger Firm

Business Models
Smart Money: Creating New Business Models – Learning from the Flower Industry
Fox Business: It’s All About Execution

Building a Sustainable Business
Getting Creative – Finding Ideas for a New Business:


Is it an Idea or a Business Opportunity?:


Business Models – Getting Your Ducks in a Row:


Entrepreneurs: Young, and Not So Young
US News: 3 Mistakes 1st Time Entrepreneurs Need to Avoid
Boston Bizjournals: Losing a Job May Mean Finding an Opportunity 
Entrepreneur: Look Before You Quit Your Day Job 
Entrepreneur: Must-Read Books to Fuel Your Summer – And Your Startup 
US News: It’s A Bright Future for the Older Entrepreneur
Forbes: Do Older or Younger Entrepreneurs Have the Advantage?

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